ANN: New version (4.4) of the taglist plugin

May 28th, 2007 | Filed under Vim

Hi all,

A new version (4.4) of the taglist plugin is available now. You can download this version from:

The taglist plugin is a source code browser plugin for Vim. For more information about this plugin, visit

This is a minor bug fix release. The following problems are fixed in this version:

1. If multiple Vim plugins register for the BufEnter autocmd, then sometimes the buffer name supplied to the autocmd is incorrect. So in the taglist plugin BufEnter autocmd, use the buffer number instead of the buffer name.
2. Add the filename to the tags menu only for valid file names.

– Yegappan

用过 Vim 的,估计没人不知道 taglist 的,太出名了!

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